Jumpin’ Jasper

At 9:30 on a Friday night, a vet clinic in northeast Minneapolis contacted the Retrievers via our Facebook page, saying they needed help catching a dog. Jasper, a shepherd mix, was being boarded at the clinic while his family was in South Carolina. Jasper had managed to escape his leash and scale a 6-foot fence while on a potty break. The staff ran after him as he bolted into the adjoining yards, watching him clear 4- and 5-foot fences with ease. After he slowed down,  he started hanging out in a wooded area near railroad tracks about 1/2 mile away, but he ran whenever anyone got within sight. Read more >>

A Community Came Together…

The Retrievers first became aware of Rosebud when she was posted multiple times as a sighting on the Lost Dogs MN Facebook Page.  She had been seen in Minneapolis over a period of time of at least 6-8 weeks running scared and growing thin.  The Retriever’s were contacted and consulted to help bring this very deserving dog to safely.  Read more>>