Missing Trixie

This is the story of how a lost dog named Trixie came back home. On Monday, January 12, Trixie went missing from her parents’ house near Lake Minnetonka. Her parents immediately placed lost dog notices on Lost Dogs MN and Craigslist. That Wednesday, the Retrievers were engaged and I was assigned as case manager to bring Trixie home. Immediately, we activated our social media network including our Facebook page to alert followers of Trixie’s plight. Trixie’s parents quickly posted Trixie’s lost dog flyers throughout the neighborhood and surrounding area with her picture and contact information.  Read More >>

The Disappearing Magician

Little miss Hocus was adopted from a local rescue. Her brother, Pocus, is still in foster at the time of this writing. So now you know the reason for the title of this write up… Shortly after being adopted, Hocus took flight from her new family’s yard when her harness slipped off. She did not dart away, but rather lingered around the yard and immediate area, but her family was not able to contain her again. They left food out and some clothing and immediately contacted the authorities once night fell and she was no longer seen. Read More >>