Lizard Brain – Why Lost Dogs Run

When the Retrievers take a new case, we always counsel owners not to expect that their dog will come when they call. Many find this perplexing. “But she loves me!” “Oh, he’ll come–I know he’ll come!” I hope he does. Sometimes lost dogs will come when called. But often, they run from everyone, including their own owner. Why? Read more >>


Trial by Fire

On March 7, 2015, a family in Big Lake, MN suffered a devastating fire. When the blaze broke out, the only adult at home was in the basement shower. When she got out, she heard her two dogs barking, also in the basement, and neighbors pounding on the windows. She and the dogs came upstairs, but Charlie and Bella were too scared by the flames to exit, and they bolted downstairs again. Read More >>

The Disappearing Magician

Little miss Hocus was adopted from a local rescue. Her brother, Pocus, is still in foster at the time of this writing. So now you know the reason for the title of this write up… Shortly after being adopted, Hocus took flight from her new family’s yard when her harness slipped off. She did not dart away, but rather lingered around the yard and immediate area, but her family was not able to contain her again. They left food out and some clothing and immediately contacted the authorities once night fell and she was no longer seen. Read More >>



Signs of Sierra

Sierra, a friendly 13-year-old Golden Retriever, went missing from her home in Long Lake, Minnesota. The family reported that she had been acting oddly after supper, running at the front door and hiding under the table. When let out for a potty break, she bolted from the yard. Normally, the Retrievers don’t put “boots on the ground” until a lost dog’s whereabouts are known and trapping is required. But this case had me worried. Read more >>