The Lonely Pup

Retriever Bobbi Jo was contacted by a resident of her hometown in northern Minnesota about a black dog that had been hanging out near his business on the outskirts of town.  The dog appeared to be young and limping.  He was black and very skittish and would not let the man get near him.  Bobbi Jo had recent experience in the same town in capturing two goldendoodles, and she jumped into action. Read More >>

Jumpin’ Jasper

At 9:30 on a Friday night, a vet clinic in northeast Minneapolis contacted the Retrievers via our Facebook page, saying they needed help catching a dog. Jasper, a shepherd mix, was being boarded at the clinic while his family was in South Carolina. Jasper had managed to escape his leash and scale a 6-foot fence while on a potty break. The staff ran after him as he bolted into the adjoining yards, watching him clear 4- and 5-foot fences with ease. After he slowed down,  he started hanging out in a wooded area near railroad tracks about 1/2 mile away, but he ran whenever anyone got within sight. Read more >>

A Community Came Together…

The Retrievers first became aware of Rosebud when she was posted multiple times as a sighting on the Lost Dogs MN Facebook Page.  She had been seen in Minneapolis over a period of time of at least 6-8 weeks running scared and growing thin.  The Retriever’s were contacted and consulted to help bring this very deserving dog to safely.  Read more>>

Shepherd on a Walkabout

Princess, a young German Shepherd, took flight from her home during the commotion of a medical emergency for her owner. During the loud noise and open doors of the emergency responders, Princess bolted through one of the open doors. She was seen numerous times over the course of the next three weeks and each time she seemed to settle into an area, another event would drive her away. Read more >>


Child’s Play

My first sight of Harry was when I started leaving the area that he had been sighted in after driving around with no sightings. Suddenly there he was, sniffing around on the side of the road.  When I slowly approached in my SUV, he turned and walked into the woods.  I parked, grabbed some food and headed in his direction but instead of following him into the woods, I sat down on the side of the road and threw pieces of treats into the woods.  He was not far from me – maybe 20 feet or so.  Read more >>

The Deer River Doodles

Two very skittish, black, shaggy, matted dogs had been seen roaming the town of Deer River, MN and the immediate surrounding area for at least three months.  The dogs looked identical and could have been litter-mates.  Many in town had seen them, fed them scraps and even tried to capture them over the course of the time they were being seen.  Most often they were spending time near the railroad tracks through town and were also seen on many occasions eating roadkill to survive.  Read more >>

Help & Hope on National Lost Dog Awareness Day

On National Lost Dog Awareness Day, the Retrievers would like to give you two very important messages. 1. Always consider a loose dog a LOST dog, not simply a stray. That dog you see wandering in a field, or hanging around a dumpster, or begging at your back door for scraps probably belongs to someone—someone […]