Sadie — Fundraising Manager

I adopted my Dachshund, Raven, in November of 2014. I had always wanted a wiener dog and was beyond excited to have my dog! Raven was a puppy mill rescue, so she was incredibly skittish. Adjusting to normal dog life was a hard transition for her — many trainers and professionals who worked with her said that she was one of the most extreme puppy mill cases they had seen.

On Christmas Eve of 2014, her retractable leash got out of hand on a walk and she bolted. I had heard about the Retrievers through a friend and called them at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, thinking I wasn’t going to hear a response until well after Christmas. Within an hour someone had called me back and gave me instructions. I was immediately impressed at the quick response and support from my Case Manager.

No one thinks this will happen to their dog. After five of the longest days of my life, Raven was safely rescued. I was immensely relieved to have Raven back safe in my arms. Those five days were a blur, and it’s hard to believe some days that it actually happened. However, I poignantly remember how I was also deeply touched by the huge community outpouring by my friends and people in my neighborhood who gave up time over their holiday season and trudged through snow to find my crazy little dog. There is no way I could have rescued Raven on my own, and I couldn’t have organized it without the guiding hand of the Retrievers.

I am still indebted to the Retrievers for helping me get Raven back.  The Retrievers is a remarkable organization in the knowledge it possesses, and it offers this knowledge freely to anyone in need. Every dog owner should know about and help spread awareness of the Retrievers.

Lynn — Event Manager

I have always been a rescuer of the furry and feathered. My mother never knew if i was bringing home birds, horses, dogs or cats. My love for animals brought me to adoption, rescue and ultimately, the Retrievers.

My wife and I had become involved with Northwoods Humane Society through adopting multiple dogs and cats, volunteering and becoming a board member.  We have three dogs and three cats, all either adopted or rescued. Never a dull moment in our house!

When a foster dog went missing, we started a ground search and posted to Facebook where someone said, “Have you contacted the Retrievers?” The foster mom filled out the form and our journey of how to search for a lost pet started. I met Natalie when a newly adopted dog went missing, and from there I knew I needed to be more involved with the Retrievers. I have learned so much about the right way to find a lost pet and have been able to help many other people on the same journey.