If you wish to ask a general question, please use the form on our Contact page.


If you'd like the Retrievers to help you capture a dog whose owners are unidentified, please read our "Stray Dog Trapping Policy" before proceeding.


If your lost dog is being fostered by a rescue organization, you must have the leadership's approval to engage the Retrievers. Please see "Working with Rescues" before continuing.


Please complete this form to engage the team. Our ability to help depends on whether we have a team member available to assign to your case. Depending on our availability, you may hear from a case manager right away, or it may take some time.

Upon submission of this form, we will send you email containing steps that you can be doing right away to find your dog as you’re waiting for a case manager.


Engaging with the Retrievers — A Guide for New Clients.

Equipment Deposit — Your case manager will let you know if this is needed.

Retrievers Release of Liability — You will be asked to agree to a release of liability when you submit your Request for Assistance. This form is for your reference.

Stray Dog Trapping Policy — Please read before requesting the Retrievers’ assistance in capturing a stray.

Rescue Partner Agreement — For rescues taking in captured strays.